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Parts Page

A parts page that covers majority of our Blade Bars, Rebuilt machines, Counter Ejectors, etc. is being created. Coming Soon..

Thacker Industrial is in development of manufacturing its first ever Rotary Die Cutter, The Vision. The machine is set to be released later into 2020, that’s after its debut in the 2020 SuperCorrExpo. Check on its page for updates.

QR Codes

We are making progress on implementing QR Codes on a few of our products, one for example, the TISCO Blade Bar. This will help our customers identify parts for that system right from their Mobile phones.

Social Media

Follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Also check out some of our videos on YouTube.

Machine Rebuilds


Our Current Rebuild is a 50 x 132 ZLD Flexo Folder Gluer 
Frequent Progress updates will be posted here

Complete! 100%

Watch our last TISCO Rebuild by clicking the “Video” button

the core of what we do

TISCO’s reputation for ‘high quality’ comes from years of experience in these sectors:


Our Workplace

Whats work without friends and family being a part of it? TISCO has given friends and family a place to work since it was founded in 1986. Though many years have past, the workplace atmosphere has not deviated from Roy’s original intentions. Focusing on Comradery, like being friends and family, among the employees has been a key factor in its long lasting success. Watch the video of our latest cookout, though work itself is fun for most, no one turns down the opportunity to grill out and spend some time relaxing together at work.

TISCO is Hiring!

Many of our employees have been with TISCO since the company’s startup, just over 3 decades ago. The quality of our Products and Services rely on these individuals for their expertise and knowledge. The next investment for TISCO, in order to continue providing quality products and services, is to teach our new employees the knowledge of the industry. Now is a great time to join our team, positions are available in every department as the company continues to grow in size. Contact our front office during office ours, or stop by our shop in Fort Worth, Texas to schedule an interview.

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