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NOVO 10.25


Featured Sections:

  – From E micro flute to BC double wall board

   – Roll-to-Roll transfer with dust cleaner

   – Optional: Vacuum transfer with “No-Crush Feed” more powerful dust cleaner with static-free, rotary brushing and dust blowing

– Accurate top printing with vacuum transfer

   – Dual-chambered doctor blade inking system

   – Smart ink circulation recovery and washing system

   – Print plate thickness from 4.2 mm to 7.2 mm

   – Optional: NOVO 10.25 with Roll-to-Roll Transfer

 – 3 pairs of shafts with 5 motorized heads, including

   – one Big Pre-crease, one Crease and one Slot

   – Big Pre-Crease features better folding accuracy, and minimizes score cracking

   – Movable central slotting blade

– Accurate die-cutting with anvil grinding and

   – Anvil speed compensation by +/- 3 mm

   – Side to side oscillation of anvil cylinder 50 mm

   – Optional: Instant die mounting system

 – Valco glue spraying adhesive system for one side is optional

  – Extra cost may apply for two side Valco system

– Fully automatic process. Stable and precise

   – Vacuum transport belt

  – Independent forming belt drives

   – Motorized adjusting gauging rollers

 – Friction-free top stacking minimizes fish tailing  

   – Reliable stacking on Diecut and Outside Glue boxes

   – Perfect counting at high speed

   – Servo drivers system for precise bundle control

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