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Important Remote Connect PC Info

Remote Connect offers 24/7 TISCO Service and Support for troubleshooting and programming Drives and PLC’s. This is a timely and cost effective way to get your machine back up and running. In order to take advantage of this, you will need to purchase a TISCO Remote Connect Laptop from Blake Elder (682) 552-5852.

David Wilcox: (817) 819-5042

Miguel Zavaleta: (682) 381-4189

Login PIN: 6513

Microsoft Pass: Tisco123!!

TeamViewer: The TeamViewer Icon is on your desktop screen. Ensure you have an Internet Connection and then Click the Icon to open up TeamViewer. 

1. Have a TISCO Remote Connect Laptop.

2. TeamViewer needs to be open and you need to be ready to share Your ID” and also your Password”. These will be available after opening the TeamViewer Desktop Icon.

3. Contact Thacker IT and provide your TeamViewer “Your ID” and “Password” to the Thacker technician.

4. Be available to answer questions and assist the tech throughout their Troubleshooting.

Contact Blake Elder: (682) 552-5852

Remote Connect is a simple procedure we use to help get your machine running again.